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The Cascade District is an online reference and digital resource library that makes the place names, toponyms, geographic features and literature of the Pacific Northwest Coast discoverable in the digital-age.


The Cascade District is on a mission to organize and make accessible, as an educational resource, a digital version of the unique history of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America through the use of modern computer technology and resources.


To create a community of contributors who collaborate to provide the general public with an online digital resource library of historical and cultural signifigance.

Boundaries of The Pacific Northwest Coast of North America

The region of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America was one of the last unexplored areas (by Westerners) of the world up until the late 1700s. It has had many names to describe the region including "Oregon Country", "Columbia District" and more recently "Cascadia."

It is defined by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Continental Divide on the East. The southern political border of the Pacfic Northwest has always been the 42nd Parallel. The northern border can be considered to be 54°40' - where modern-day Alaska and British Columbia meet.


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